Convert Your Child's Drawing into Jewellery

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Convert Your Child's Drawing into Jewellery


Recently we received an enquiry from a mother. She very timidly enquired if we would design a piece of jewellery that might seem ‘silly’. She was very hesitant and was scared of being rudely denied. I had a conversation with her over both WhatsApp and the phone. She told me that when she took the design sketch to local jewellers and big-box brand name jewellers in the city the response was far from pleasing. One of them treated her as they would an ignorant child. Another politely said that what she was asking for was ‘impossible’ and the third quoted an exorbitant sum for the job.

So I reassured her that come what may, I would figure out a way to help her out. It might have been a blind ‘salesy’ statement; but I felt we could definitely help her out. She shared the sketch with us. It was similar to this. (Original not shared as per mother's request)



As you can see it’s a drawing made by a child. It turns out this woman’s child has severe learning disabilities. Even though the child is intelligent, normal methods of teaching have no effect and she needed special tutors trained to handle such children. That particular drawing was the end-result of months of labour. The kid’s drawing of a home and her mother was now my customer’s most prized possession.


At GajGallery, the Auri team is always busy coming up with ways to use jewellery to make memories special. We gladly took this up as soon as we realized that the mom was looking to preserve a moment in time. She wanted a daily reminder that struggles would bear fruit. Most of all she wanted her kid to understand how proud she was of the achievement.


When we understood this, things became simple. We quickly determined that a pendant was the best way to go. In jewellery design, a pendant is the only article that lends to both flat designs and 3D designs. We scanned the sketch into our 3D modelling programs. Then we traced the sketch and edited it to capture the essence. After our client reviewed the 3D drafts we went ahead and quoted a best price for her in both 18K and 22K gold. She was pleasantly surprised by our rates as it was nowhere close to what was quoted by a major jeweller. We went ahead and used our patented computer manufacturing processes to create the finished product.


All in all, this process took just a couple of weeks, but the experience of creating a memory was one our team will carry for a long time. Inspired by this, we’ve refined our process to quickly give you a quote to convert a sketch into a piece of art.