Toy Collectibles Made In 18-22K Gold

Posted by admin 14/07/2016 1 Comment(s)

This year, we're launching a range of collectibles made from 18-22 K gold. We wamted to honor occassions and possessions. What better way to create a valuable impression than making replicas in Gold. Here's a small sample of the products we have on offer.

All Terrain Vehicle

This miniature ATV is the perfect memento for fans of road adventures. The thoughtful detailing on the tires and the perfect proportions will remind you of your off-roading experiences. Fun Fact: The famous Honda ATV was first launched in 1970. This product is available in 18-22K gold.

All Terrain Vehicle

Classic Indian Auto

The Auto Rickshaw has become a symbol of Indian tourism. Western tourists make it a point to take at least one auto ride when they visit the county. Commemorate your memories with this scale replica of a Bajaj Auto

auto rickshaw

Kids Walker

Was your kid's favorite toy the kids walker? Keep those days fresh in your memories with this adorable kids walker in 18-22K gold. The 3 wheel model is the most popular form of the walker in India. If you would like another model instead, do contact us!

kids walker

Shelby Cobra Convertible

The classic Shelby convertible defined a generation of British racecars. It was both a style statement and a serious powerhouse too. This 18-22K scale model is a perfect addition to a car afficionados collection.

shelby cobra convertible