Pendant Buying Tips From The Pros

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Pendants are jewellery ornaments that suspend from necklaces or chains. The word "pendant" is derived from the Anglo-French word pendaunt, which means "hanging" and from the Latin word pendere, which means "to hang." Pendants have their origin in the ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Greek culture. They had and still have the hand of their experienced craftsmen who are experts in making pendants with sculpted designs and gemstones. Ancient men created pendants with small rocks, shells, grass, seeds, leaves or vine. Now, pendants are the most common ornaments and must-haves in the jewellery industry. A chain looks bland without a beautiful pendant to complete the look.


Pendant designs and styles are limitless when it comes to online jewellery shopping. They are available in all sizes, shapes, and motives. Today, pendant designs vary to suit the taste of all ages. Pendants with engraved comic characters are available to amuse the kids. Pet lovers can have their take, with custom-made pendants that feature the paw prints of their pet dog or cat or even their engraved picture. Beautiful butterflies, birds and insects form part of an exotic choice for curious fashionistas and nature lovers. Custom pendant necklaces, like the monogram or initial pendant necklace is also available for people who love to remember their loved ones. The cross pendant, heart pendant, solitaire pendant, and teardrop pendant necklace are among other traditional designs.

Gold pendants bring a rare and special glow to the wearer. Silver pendants are stylish, yet affordable. Gemstones are common among other variables like pearl and diamond pendant necklaces. Online jewellery shopping offers you the advantage of viewing and selecting from a number of designs and styles.


Bales are the part of the pendant with which the pendant is strung up in the chain and suspended. They attached to the top of the pendant. There are different designs in bales too, from single bale, double bale, and fixed bale to a hinged bale. A single bale is a single loop in which the pendant is fixed and allowed to be suspended from the necklace or the chain. A double bale has two loops for a fancier look. A hinged bale can be opened and closed, allowing the pendant to be easily attached or detached from the necklace. A fixed bale has a series of loops incorporated into the design. Such pendants having fixed bales are called as slide pendants as they simply slide across the necklace effortlessly.

When a pendant is not sold with the chain, take care while choosing the right chain that can hold the pendant. The length of the pendant must suit the length of the chain of your choice. A slide pendant pairs simply well with an omega chain. Go for online jewellery shopping to find a suitable chain for your favorite pendant. If you find it difficult to choose the chain type, cable chains or Singapore chains are still the elegant and classic options available.